Delicate artisanal tiramisù

In Italy, tiramisù is the home cake: the one your mom prepares on Friday night to enjoy it altogether over weekend gatherings with family and friends. My recipe was also originally born in my family by my mom Bianca in the Torino of the 1980’s, and then further developed by me over 15 years in Nederland using the best Italian and Dutch ingredients.

I strived to create a very light tiramisù, low in sugar and fat, so that it can be enjoyed it in every moment of the day: accompanied by a good espresso in the morning and after lunch, or alone as a light dessert after dinner.

The distinctive features of my tiramisù cream are its silky and airy texture, and a delicate taste of optimally balanced cacao, coffee and just a drop of aromatic wine from the Piemontese tradition.

High Quality Dutch and Italian Ingredients

My tiramisù is rigorously hand-made using the best Dutch cacao and Italian mascarpone. The use of pasturized eggs from free-running chickens guarantees safety and a product that can be consumed for several days after production (if you can resist the temptation). To ensure the freshness of our product, we produce batches only upon order.


Where to find our tiramisù

We produce our tiramisù in single portions of about 100 grams, available at selected resellers in Amsterdam.